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FLY,First Love Yourself

This design , idea came from a conversation with my daughter Amanda. We were discussing the number of suicides and overdoses we read about in a very short few days. Amanda said F.l.y. . Wow, the possibilities that this shirt could mean. And to everyone it will mean something different. To me, it meant that I had to love myself enough to get out of toxic relationships, abuse, addiction, alcoholism, and all the isms that kept me sick. With the grace of God, and my family, I am a survivor today, I am no longer a victim of all those ism’s. Everything I experienced throughout my life has led me to Who I Am Today. Stay tuned, that is another story another day. Be Blessed, my friends! If anyone is struggling with their ism or suicide thoughts, reach out, get help, you are worth it and you deserve it. Need an ear, we can chat.

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